Product Overview

The company’s products are antibodies and peptide-therapeutics designed to modulate the immune response allowing it to exert its anti-cancer activity in an effective manner.

Our lead product, pidilizumab (CT-011), is a humanized bi-specific monoclonal antibody. Recently, it has been elucidated that the principal binding partner for pidilizumab is DLL1, which is commonly referred to as a ligand of Notch. Pidilizumab was shown to block the binding of DLL1 to Notch thereby eliminating cis-inhibitory effects manifested by DLL-1 on the Notch pathway. Consistent with the above, pidilizumab was demonstrated to induces transcription of genes directly correlated with Notch1 in lymphocytes. 

Previously, it was suggested that binding to PD-1 was the main driver for pidilizumab’s activity. Recent analyses show that pidilizumab binds to a hypoglycosylated /nonglycosylated form of PD-1 which is present on a distinct subpopulation of exhausted T cells.  

Pidilizumab was shown to have clinical efficacy in a number of Phase II studies in patients with lymphoma as well as in children with DIPG.

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